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Posted By Ham on June 14 2016

My name is Ham. An aspiring programmer and a guy who loves everything in Japan. I’m currently learning many programming languages. This blog is also one of my projects. While I am at it, I also learn to speak Japanese so that I can talk to singers and Idols when they come to Thailand (and persuade them to come to Thailand again lol).

I am currently studying 3rd year in High-school (equivalent to grade 12) so now, I have to decide what I’m going to do after high school. I decided to study into Computer Engineering at Chulalongkorn University. My school has an irregular schedule, we have to begin first semester a month before other school and there is a special course for students who is going to take national exams and stuff. But, I already had half of my standard test scores so, getting into university isn’t going to be much struggle for me anymore. I don’t take any extra class because, I learn all materials in the school and have my doubts solved on the internet. I spend all my precious time in class wisely. While I am in a class that I’m not interested in, I do exercises in my Japanese textbooks. Also, I play in my school’s band as a trombone player. Therefore, I have to practice every day after school which makes me don’t have any time for extra classes.

I started programming when I was learning in grade 10. I was learning C programming language and do many things with it. I find it fun because you need think logically when you code. But, I cannot find real uses for this language apart from programming robots so, I stopped programming for a while. It wasn’t until I started grade 11 where I was introduced into web programming. With web programming, you make things that most people uses every day. I studied web programming independently and do many side projects. Some of my side projects includes social network, online game and reference site for games. My friends, whom is better at programming than me, help me a lot when I got stuck or found bugs in my code. Today, I am sharpening my programming skill and hope to get a job soon.

My passion in Japanese culture starts back in about 2012 when an anime called “Sword Art Online” just started. One of my friends recommended me to watch this anime. At the time, I don’t know any Japanese and don’t even know what an anime is! So I take my friend’s recommendation and watch it. After that, I watched many old animes along with the new ones. In 2013, I discovered about an anime called “Love Live! The School Idol Project”. It’s an anime about idols and what they do as an idol. This anime makes me want to listen more into Japanese music, J-POP in particular. Now, I listen to most songs in Japanese and occasionally go to many idol group’s live, widely known as concert in English, when they come to Thailand.