It's been 7 years since my last homepage, along with my ever-growing list of projects and accomplishments. I decided it's a good time to make a new homepage already! The main purpose of the homepage would be as a portfolio, but similar to HamBot where i use it to try things on backend side, I would like to also use this homepage also as a playground for me to test fancy APIs/ tech and more on the frontend side !

This time i want to make my homepage as fancy as possible so I picked Svelte as the library to build frontend with. I first tried Svelte when doing assignment for applying at a place, but then I got amazed on how easy it is to write Frontend with svelte yet still making a performant website. For backend, I want something customizable but with minimal work for storing content so I chose Strapi for that which does the job pretty well, allowing me to fully focus on making frontend as much as possible.

As of now, we have a home page, about me page which is a more clickable version of my resume and projects page where you can see what I did and short description of it. Still struggle quite a bit with the design, but will come back to update whenever any Idea pops up in my head. I already have a lot of more fancy feature in mind and plan to make this even more fancy with three.js and such.


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