Bootstrap cheatsheet

This is a basic Bootstrap cheatsheet. Also, this div is placed inside container-fluid

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This is bootstrap !

This div and h1 is placed in the container tag ! In fact, Everthing should be placed inside a container

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Grid system is essential for RWD

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This col-*-** is placed inside a div with class of row

The first * is for the screen type (xs = Phone, sm = Tablets, md = desktops , lg = larger destops)

It changes size according to the screen

(There are table, table-striped, table-bordered ,table-hover ,table-condensed and contextual class which can be used in tr and td )

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Tanyawat Vittayapalotai [email protected]
Putthimeth Hongskul [email protected]

Bootstrap allow img-rounded, img-circle, img-thumbnail and img-responsive and can be used to create Image gallery

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This is a jumbotron. Inside a Div


This is a jumbotron. Outside of a Div

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add page-header class for page header effect

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well adds a rounded border and grey background and a bit of padding.

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Small well ( well-sm )
Normal well
Large well ( well-lg )