I was in middle of studying for JLPT N1 exam and i need something to both quickly search for a word keep track of the new words i learned. The main dictionary I was using was jisho, it has a very easy UI to use and gives you a lot of details for your search results. I really liked jisho but would be nice if it could keep track of the words you searched and so on.

With the prototype version done, it's proven somewhat effective as i can leave Aibou on while i proceed to do something in Japanese. When i encounter unknown words, i can just swiftly copy paste data into the application and let it saved in case i want to review later on.


  • Vocabulary search via Jisho API
  • Save words into topics in IndexedDB
  • View saved words offline
  • Data Synching (via custom backend)
  • Quick Search,
  • Quizzing
  • Kanken trainer support

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