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Software Engineer | January 2021 - January 2023

Responsible for maintenance and feature development for eCommerce Platform built with Next.js, Typescript and GraphQL

  • Developed a new standalone cart/checkout application for the platform
  • Developed frontend for handling payments across multiple payment platforms and payment methods (Stripe, Omise, Apple Pay, QR Code Payments)
  • Migrated an old codebase to a new system, eliminating technical debts and improving the quality of the codebase.
  • Authored RFC proposals for new features and provided feedback on proposals from other team members.
  • Built new features and implemented fixes based on designer specifications and applied design system components to the code.
  • Collaborated with team members through code reviews, pair programming sessions, and knowledge sharing to promote skill development and project success
  • Wrote unit tests with Jest and increased code coverage to over 90% for critical features.
  • Optimise website load times by reducing request payload and bundle size, and removing blocking JavaScript code, resulting in a 30% decrease in loading time.

Arsaga Partners

Frontend Engineer | August 2023 - Present

Develop Frontend application in project assigned as follows

Meeting notes taking application, Automated Interview application, (3/2024 - Present)

Application for quick summarization of conversations adapted to different use cases. built with Angular (14)

  • Add mobile support existing application.
  • Screen capture using browser web APIs (WebRTC)
Ticketing System & Navigation System (12/2023 - 2/2024)

Lead the development for Frontend of the project, Ticketing System & Navigation, used in web view inside a larger system. built with Vue.js 3 (Nuxt 3)

  • Ticket Purchase/ Usage Feature
  • Announcement Feature
  • Payment with external payment provider
  • Google Map
  • Legacy iOS devices support
AI-Assistant (10/2023-12/2023)

Lead development of a chat application based on ChatGPT used internally in an organization, based on Next.js

  • Chat Feature
  • Feedback Feature
  • Chat History Feature
AI-chat platform (8/2023 - 9/2023)

Architect and develop a chat platform based on ChatGPT based on Next.js

  • Lead the development for Frontend of the project.
  • Chat UI/ Handling (using server-sent events (SSE))
  • Tutorial Feature


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