In D4DJ groovy mix tiering scene early on, there were no leaderboard tracking tool available yet like in Bang Dream Girls Band Party. So, Sig, one of the member in the tiering community, created a score tracking system based on screen captures/ OCR and had a simple HTML webpages which fetches and display the data.

Later on, I volunteered to create a frontend application for his backend based on Next.js to help improve usability and add more features to the app. Several new features were added such as Live Score tracking, Player tracking, Graphs and Past Events Archives. The feedback from the community was positive and serves as a powerful tool for competitive players.

After several events, sig left D4DJ tiering scene so I decided to continue help maintain the project both frontend and backend. In the beginning, I had to also run screen capture software which periodically capture the score and send data to the server. PC with emulator software were required, so there were lots of problems when the PC doesn't work well. Every end of an event, the score capture software had to be manually restarted which becomes a problem when I'm not active at the computer when events end/starts.

After a while, a member in the community figured out a better way to get the leaderboard score which makes automation possible. So, I went on and created another score capture software and run it on the cloud 24/7. The score can now be captured in more detailed manner. Also, tracking data for the global server has also became possible too, so I also implemented that feature to the app.

Because I also don't play the game much anymore, I stopped actively adding new feature to the web. But I still regularly do maintenance job of the app from time to time. Today, the application is still running smoothly and has already captured scores for over 100 events !


  • Leaderboard Tracking
  • Individual Rank Tracking
  • Player Score Tracking
  • Detailed Data Graph with filters
  • Live Score Mode
  • Event Archives
  • Responsive
  • Light/Dark Mode
  • Hourly Score
  • Global Server Score Tracking

Technical Details

  • Data processing are mostly ran on worker threads.
  • Event Archives are pre-fetched during build to save bandwidth.
  • The score tracking server was written in C#
  • Every page is statically rendered by Next.js

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